I am working on a new project. It’s called In Our Father’s Footsteps. “What If”

I will be heading to the beaches of Normandy for the 75th Anniversary of the invasion of Europe to walk in my fathers footsteps.

I’m sure everyone has there own stories that include the words “What If.”

For most of us the consequences aren’t a matter of life and death. In the case of our fathers who landed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6th 1944 those “What If” moments could have been a matter of life and death.

With the help of personal letters, diaries and historical information I want to tell the stories about our fathers and grandfathers who survived. I’m sure there are also stories  about the mothers and grandmothers who served as a WCAC’s or battlefield nurses who had their “What If” moments.

A lot of the accounts of war are written by Officers and historians. They write about the big picture. I would like you to help me tell the stories of average Canadians. Not only about their “What If” moment but about who they were before and after. Why did they join up, where did they live? Did they return to their old job or start a new life somewhere else and raise a nice family.

I know many never wanted to talk about what happened but maybe your family does have those diaries, letters, or journals that could help future generations know that they would not be here today if they hadn’t survived their “What If moment. I need your to help to tell their story.

I have set up a separate email address to contact me.


Winnipeg Rifles on the way to Juno Beach
Dead and Wounded Soldiers on Juno Beach

Nova Scotia Regiment landing on Juno