Growing up in South Vancouver, Don participated in many sports, and many organizations, including the Royal Canadian Army Cadets. He began dating Deb, his future wife during high school. After graduating high school in 1972, he became a member of the Vancouver Police Reserves for a number of years. In 1977 Don began working in sales for a steel distribution company and later that year he and Deb were transferred to the Kelowna to help in the opening of a new branch office, where he was ultimately promoted to the position of Branch Manager.

As newcomers to Kelowna, Don joined the local Kinsmen Club, and using his always active imagination he helped produce award winning skits at provincial conventions. During their years in Kelowna, Don and Deb became the proud parents of two beautiful daughters Jennifer and Natalie and made many lifelong friends Always trying to be involved with his community he was elected as an Area Director for the Central Okanagan Regional District, where he served 3 terms as an elected official, until he was once again transferred, this time to Victoria, BC.

Over the years Don made up many stories for his daughters. His first book was based on the legendary lake monster Ogopogo  In 1985 he self-published a children’s book, “Ogopogo the Misunderstood Lake Monster” selling all 5,000 in a short period of time.  There have been numerous reprints in the 32 years since it was first published with over 25,000 copies sold.

In 1987 Don began work on Loot for the Taking, which was inspired by real events.

After being displaced in a corporate shuffle in the early nineties he ended up purchasing his own franchised truck accessory business called Cap-it. With the help of his family and many dedicated employees, including his future son-in-law  Ken, he ran his business successfully for eighteen years. The commitment of running a successful business eliminated the free time needed to finish off the book

In 2012, after selling his business, and retiring early, he and his wife Deb, spent the next two years building their dream house, based on a variety of designs chosen by Deb, just outside of Edmonton where they now live full time.  When people ask why Edmonton? Family was number one, but after living in the damp climate of the west coast of B.C. most of their lives, they decided to try the big skies of Alberta. Even on crisp, cold mornings and evenings, they enjoy the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and brilliant blue skies from the front and back decks of their home.

With the house complete, Don returned to his passion of finishing his first novel. It has taken a year of writing, re-writing, editing, re-writing, and more editing to reach the finish line. Don considers himself more of a storyteller than author. His writing style may not be as polished as more accomplished authors, but with assistance from his editor Mark McGahey, he is hopeful that you find the story will be a fast paced fun read, but you the reader will be the real judge of that, and in the final analysis he hopes you enjoy reading it as much as he liked writing it.